About Us

A little traditional, a little vintage with a ton of comfort and quality, presenting a very charming collection for new-born and kids' collection – Little Gaurang. Carrying on the Indian design tradition with a new, refreshing vision of fashion for kids blending naturally dyed, organic cotton fabrics with fine embroideries or handblocked embellishments for an element of surprise.


Shades that soothe and calm the little one's delicate skin to the cutest prints in light color combinations in a very stylish and adorable way that moms love, these are 100% cotton, made in India, and are available for new-born to 8 years.


Launched with a vision to provide conscious parents with high-quality 100% organic cotton, streamlined pieces that are sustainably made, and responsibly created creative outfits for their little ones. Our designs combine slow fashion, quality, and functionality at a competitive price. 


This is an attempt to bring about the much-needed change by being mindful and conscious of the choices we make, from clothes we wear to the bed we sleep on, to make sustainability a way of life. With quality and comfort in mind, Little Gaurang has developed its style design with cuts and patterns that are simple yet timeless. 


“What a privilege it is to have these small humans traveling this path with us @Little Gaurang. They are a gentle reminder of what is really important. And as parents, we understand you are extremely conscious of the profound and long-lasting impact you have in their development and wellbeing.”


At Little Gaurang, we believe that a life well lived begins at childhood. Being a strong believer of the permanence of Indian motifs and fabrics, our collection is made of materials locally sourced from different parts of India. Any fabric that touches a baby’s skin matters, because their skin is extremely delicate. Therefore, all our products are as natural as they can be, with no harmful chemicals, no synthetic fabrics, natural dyes and handwoven. 


Little Gaurang integrates fine cotton, handwoven fabrics, and the wellness of natural dyes on the prints of these fabrics. Further accentuated with delicately tailored sleek designs that emphasize on comfort and wellness of the kids.